Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development Africa (YALDA)

YALDA is an international non-profit organization that was established in order to create a resourceful networking database for those with a strong interest in Africa. The network is centered on YALDA branches, primarily at African universities, and serves to increase the capacity of youth in Africa for developing positive leadership skills and to espouse an honest work ethic. The network encourages youth participation in community work by directing them to information and resources, provided by individuals and other organizations. This is intended to help young people develop in their chosen careers and also assist them in developing projects and/ or organizations aimed at making significant and positive social impact across the continent. YALDA’s mission is anchored in the strong desire to achieve development on the African continent through cordial collaboration between youth and professionals. We believe that through the extensive networking and establishment of partnerships between youth and professionals, leaders of today, and most importantly of the future, will be well groomed for leading development in Africa. As a forum for ground-level youth-based solutions for Africa, YALDA is a powerful platform that allows young people to communicate their needs and innovative ideas to each other and directly to professionals and leaders worldwide. At a time when the future of the continent depends on increased collaboration, and especially with the least empowered among them—the youth—YALDA serves to amplify, consolidate, support, train, and present solutions created by young Africans.