Digital Rogue Society Experiment Group

Digital Rogue Society Experiment Group is a legally registered CSO established in December 2019. Digital Rogue Society Experiment Group uses technology to inform and advocate civic engagements with the introduction of effective and reliable ways of experimentation. The organization advocates for digital inclusion; seeks innovative solutions to fake news and misinformation; and works to ensure accountability and transparency of government, businesses, and civil society organizations. The Experiment Group is striving to redefine the role of civil societies in the digital age. The focus area of the organization is the empowerment of people on areas of digital rights, civic engagement, and wellbeing, with particular focus on privacy & consumer protection, elections & digital media, and digital literacy. Evidence-based advocacy is at the core of the organization and digital tools are employed for policy victories and real-time connected government accountability inclusion. The organization advocates for digital civic solutions for individuals, civil society organizations, the business sector, and the government to address undemocratic practices. These make the organization an experimentation digital hub to develop, iterate, scale, and replicate social, economic, legal, and political innovations. Digital Rogue implements its programs in nine regions and two city administrations of Ethiopia.