Events & Updates

CEH Training: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Advocacy, and Organizational Sustainability

From August 4-6, the CIPE East Africa Regional Office held a three-day session hosted by the CIPE Civic Engagement Hub on Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Advocacy, and Organizational Sustainability.

CEH Training: Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) for CSOs & Registering CSOs and Businesses in Ethiopia

On June 17 and 18, CIPE welcomed representatives from Ethiopian CSOs, businesses, and social enterprises for two training sessions on MEAL and the updated process for registering CSOs, business associations, and businesses in Ethiopia.

Blog: Strengthening Business-to-Business Linkages in Ethiopia: A Guidebook for Chambers and other Business Membership Organizations

As natural representatives and convenors of the business community, business associations are well positioned to be super-connectors between local SMEs and companies in Ethiopia’s growing industrial parks.

CEH Training: Foundations of Effective Advocacy and Communications in Ethiopia

Young emerging leaders from CSOs and Social Enterprises in Ethiopia joined CIPE on March 25 and 26 for a two-day, in-person training session on the foundations of effective advocacy and communications.

CIPE Civic Engagement Hub Hosts Civic Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition

In February, the CIPE Civic Engagement Hub in Ethiopia hosted its first pitch competition to provide seed-funding to recently established CSOs and social enterprises to help them sustainably grow and advocate for reform.

Ethiopia’s Young Entrepreneurs Forum Readies for Tech-Focused Future

Ethiopia’s digital economy is still in the early stages of development compared to nearby Nairobi’s Silicon Savanah. However, the budding startup ecosystem is already punching above its weight.

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